Sangre Road by David Tromblay


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Introducing Moses Kincaid, an ornery, brazen, and possibly-punch-drunk retired Army MP turned bounty hunter who must track down a skip trace guilty of vehicular homicide into rural, Lawson, Oklahoma—circa summer 1995. Follow Moe down Sangre Road as he—in no particular order—goes up against prison peckerwoods on the run, outlaw bikers who do all they can to beat him to death, pro midget wrestlers inside The Outhouse, holes up in no-tell motels and greasy-spoon diners, shacks up with a waitress, and gets gifted mouthful after mouthful of heavy-duty pain pills for the bumps and bruises he earns along the way. That’s not to forget the drug-smuggling Army cooks, and the fire fight he got into with zombies once upon a time. Car crashes, wisecracks, and sucker punches galore!


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